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Professional Financial Consulting

At BrightHaven Financial Advisors, we are dedicated to guiding our clients through these uncertain markets using time-tested and sound investment principles. We are here to help you make informed decisions on your portfolios, retirement income planning, and more.

Reach out to us today and let us schedule a complimentary portfolio review for you.

We are BrightHaven Financial Advisors, your partner in navigating today’s dynamic financial landscape.

As fiduciaries, we put your needs first in everything we do. This means our recommendations are always based on what's best for you, not for us.



BrightHaven Financial Advisors is a leading financial advisory firm specializing in retirement plans, investment advice, and portfolio management services. Based in Huntsville, Alabama, our financial experts guide clients through uncertain markets using time-tested investment principles. When you work with us, you should expect a collaboration with transparency and consistency. Want to learn more? Contact us today for an initial consultation.

Meet the Team

The BrightHaven Client Experience

At BrightHaven Financial Advisors, we do everything we can to make sure our clients are satisfied with our work. Our tailored consulting services have helped clients from all over make crucial decisions and achieve their financial goals. 


At BrightHaven, we strive to give our clients a white-glove, tailored experience.

We begin with an initial meeting in which our clients describe what they want their financial lives to look like, what they fear, and what they want to achieve.

We then collect all the data that we need to produce a written proposal to review together. This includes a risk tolerance assessment in which we determine how much risk a client wants and can tolerate.

After establishing new accounts and transferring assets to our firm, we begin to execute any necessary trades to align the clients’ portfolios with their risk tolerance and financial goals.

We stay in touch with our clients regularly according to their needs with portfolio reviews, risk assessment updates, and check-ins.

BrightHaven Investment Philosophy

Nimble, High-Conviction with a Moat

Core Beliefs

•    High-Conviction Portfolio: Diversification benefits can be achieved with 20-30 carefully chosen positions, allowing for deeper understanding and conviction. •    Sustainable Advantage: Focus on companies with wide moats – strong competitive advantages that protect long-term profitability. •    Financial Strength: Prioritize companies with low debt, ample cash reserves, and consistent profit growth. •    Technical Analysis: Utilize technical indicators to identify entry and exit points for maximizing returns and managing risk. •    Market Adaptability: Embrace agility and nimbleness, shifting investments towards sectors and themes with momentum. •    Diversification: Maintain diversification across geographies, asset classes, industries, etc.

Investment Guidelines

• Deep Research: Conduct thorough fundamental analysis before entering any position, understanding the company's business model, competitive landscape, and growth prospects. • Quality Over Quantity: Prioritize high-quality stocks over a large number of holdings. Favor companies with sustainable competitive advantages, efficient management, and strong corporate governance. • Financial Discipline: Maintain a conservative overall portfolio debt level and avoid chasing speculative investments. • Technical Signals: Use technical analysis to determine entry and exit points. Look for confirmation of fundamental strength through technical indicators like moving averages, relative strength index (RSI), and volume patterns. • Active Management: Monitor positions closely and be prepared to exit quickly if fundamentals weaken or technical signals indicate a reversal. Actively search for new opportunities with strong momentum and growth potential.

Key Takeaways

Our philosophy seeks to combine the benefits of a concentrated portfolio with rigorous due diligence, technical analysis, and active management. By focusing on high-quality companies with wide moats, strong financials, and favorable technical signals, we aim to achieve superior returns while maintaining acceptable risk levels. Remember, this is a general framework, and we adjust it based on clients’ individual risk tolerances, investment goals, and market conditions.

BrightHaven Fee Structure

At BrightHaven, our fee structure is clear and transparent. In many cases, we save our clients money in fund expenses by building our proprietary portfolios of stocks and bonds instead of using expensive mutual funds and asset managers.


We bill our advisory fee to our client accounts quarterly in arrears by applying a percentage to their average daily balance during the quarter. So, if a client hires our firm mid-quarter, they are charged proportionally to the time we were managing their accounts.



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